Odoo 10 Implementation Cookbook: Explore the capabilities of Odoo and discover all you need to implement it


Customer databases are hosted in the closest Odoo data center. EMEA—France, Americas—Canada, APAC—Hong Kong. Each customer instance is replicated in real-time on a hot-standby system located in the same data center. Odoo works with different hosting providers worldwide (and can switch at any time), but they always deliver at least a 99.9% uptime guarantee. So they can guarantee a minimum of 99.9% uptime (3 nines, excluding planned maintenance). This corresponds to a maximum unplanned downtime of 1.44min/24h or 8h/year. Odoo usually delivers much better uptime than this (100% most months), and their providers always deliver a much better uptime than their SLA, too.

The data centers where Odoo is hosted are Tier-III certified or equivalent, with N+1 redundancy for power, network, and cooling. Each customer database is replicated in real-time on a hot-standby server located in the same data center.

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