Odoo 10 Implementation Cookbook: Explore the capabilities of Odoo and discover all you need to implement it


Managing an employees' activities is as important as tracking a customer's activity. It is essential for the human resource department to manage an employees' activity to be sure that the resources needed to run the business activity they are available and if not we can do the better planning in advance for the smooth business operation.

Assume that some of the employees' planned their holidays in the middle of an ongoing long-term project, and the project manager does not have any information as leave application is not integrated with the core business activity such as Projects. They are not integrated with the payroll. It may be possible that employees' get an incorrect salary as the integration between Payroll, Recruitment, and Leave applications may not be done well. Either it's a business activity or internal company activity related to the employees'; it has to be integrated with the business to have better information flow.

Odoo has applications to manage all the human resource activities and the good thing is they are integrated internally, with the core business activities, which give clear information to identify risks and to better handle any situation.

Let's see how Odoo applications manage the human resource activities starting from recruitment to contract management, appraisal, and the exit process. There are many other processes to manage, such as leave, employee reimbursement, and computing payroll every month.

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