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Project forecasting

For a long-term project, it is recommended that you plan future task for better allocation of key resources. This helps a project manager identify the risks in terms of unavailability of the member and resolve the issue by changing the members for the continuous progress of the project. It is a really challenging task for a manager to utilize the time of key resources for the different projects.

Up to now, we have been working with the Kanban view, which shows us the current status of the project and progress of an individual task. The forecasting feature can be enabled for the project. Using the Gantt view, we can plan resource allocation on the task for a specific duration. The planning can be done by week, month, or year depending on the length of the project.

Forecasting includes the availability of a resource from the leave management application so that when a key resource is on leave, for the critical task, we can replace the resource or the task can be delayed for the time being

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