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Schedule date

The Purchase Order confirmation date and the schedule date for Reception Order are computed to plan the delivery and incoming receipts. The Odoo scheduler computes the date for the Purchase Order confirmation and the schedule date for the Reception Order. It is computed based on order lines (product) and not per order. The dates that are computed on different documents such as procurement, purchase, incoming shipment and delivery are dependent on the different lead times configured in Odoo such as the delivery lead yime on the vendor pricelist, the lead time on the re-order level and the customer lead time on the product.

Let's take an example of a full sales cycle where the product is configured to be procured by the Make to Order and Buy Routes.

The supplier, China Export, according to their price list they need six days from the date of order confirmation to deliver the product:

The Delivery Lead Time, Minimal Quantity and Price are part of the vendor price list supplied by China Export. Look at the preceding screenshot.

The Lead Time field available on the re-order level is used to compute the Order Date for the Purchase Order; the Order Date will be computed using the following formula:

Order Date = Date on which the demand generated + Lead Time (from the re-order level)

By default, it is set to 1. You can set it to 0 if you want to set the Order Date on Purchase Order same as the date on which the demand was generated, that is, the date on which Sales Order confirmed:

When demand for the product is high, it is advisable to wait for some days before confirming the Purchase Order. Therefore we will confirm the Purchase Order every five days, up until the five days we will keep same Purchase Order and update the quantity of product available after every order (that is, Sales Order).

The commitment date we have given to our customer is 10 days, that is, Customer Lead Time on the Product form. We look at the supplier price list, and according to it the vendor needs six days to deliver the material. Let's assume that the customer confirms the order on July 14, 2017, for the product as shown:

The delivery will be scheduled for July 24 as we need 10 days to deliver the order:

The procurement will trigger the order point as we do not have enough stock in the warehouse. The purchase will be created based on the reorder rules with the estimated reception date:

If you look at the preceding Purchase Order closely, you will be noticed that the Order Date is July 18, which is six days prior to the date of delivery. It is computed based on the vendor lead time which is six days. The purchase is confirmed on the same date and the delivery will be set to July 24 which means that you will have to make a delivery on the same day when you receive the incoming shipment from the vendor. The Purchase Order date and the reception date is computed based on the delivery schedule date on the Sales Order.

The Order Date and the reception date are computed as follows:

    Purchase Order Date = Delivery Date - Vendor Lead  
time Schedule Date = Delivery Date
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