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Apply tax based on customer location

The tax computation is quite complicated in some countries; tax percentages applied will be based on customer location. For example, when you sell a product to the customer within the state, the tax applicable is 15%. But for the same product when it sold to the customer outside the state the tax applicable is 5%.

It is difficult to check the customer location and change the tax on an invoice for every customer, as Odoo applies the default tax on the product. Odoo has a feature called fiscal position. By using this feature, we can change not only Tax but also Accounts, depending on the customer location.

To set up Fiscal Position, go to Configuration | Fiscal Position under the Accounting application. Create a new position and set the name to Outside State, and then set TAX MAPPING. For example, replace 5% with the 15%. Check the following screenshot:

Apply Fiscal Position on the customers who are outside the state; you will find that field under the ACCOUNTING tab.

Create a fiscal position to set as the default for the entire list of customers who are located within the state. Name it Default Position or Local Customer. So, all customers should have a fiscal position--if they are local, apply the default tax, if outside the state, then apply a different tax, and if outside the country, another tax will be applicable.

The right fiscal position will be applied automatically when you create a customer. The Detect Automatically option helps you to configure Country Group and Country with the Zip range. When creating a customer, the right fiscal position will be applied automatically:

Let's create an invoice for a customer who is outside the state, and check what tax Odoo will apply and compute on the sale of Material. The default tax is VAT 15%; this will be replaced with VAT 5% when you have a customer located outside the state.

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