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Multi-company and intercompany transactions and rules

Starting a new company in a different country is a way to scale the business. Scaling a business will bring more revenue to the business. At the same time, if you don't track the financial activity, it can be converted to a big loss too. There are many challenges to overcome in managing a subsidiary company. Some challenges are listed here:

  • Setup, that is, working with a different chart of accounts and different fiscal period
  • Localization reports for the parent and subsidiary companies
  • Consolidation of numbers in different reports (Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet are the main reports)
  • Managing an intercompany transaction (a transaction in one company will be recorded to the other company automatically)
  • Managing intercompany access rights

There are many such challenges to be addressed in order to succeed in setting up and working in a multi-company environment.

Let's see how Odoo can manage all your challenges to scale business and get consolidation and control over multi-company environments. Odoo also supports automation for the inter-company transaction rules while working in a multi-company environment.

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