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Types of location

There are eight different types of location that can be created, each having a specific function. The configuration of the location is a critical part of the warehouse configuration.

  • Vendor Location: Virtual location representing the source location for products coming from your vendors
  • View: Virtual location used to create a hierarchical structure for your warehouse, aggregating its child locations; can't directly contain products
  • Internal Location: Physical locations inside your own warehouses
  • Customer Location: Virtual location representing the destination location for products sent to your customers
  • Inventory Loss: Virtual location serving as a counterpart for inventory operations used to correct stock levels (physical inventories)
  • Procurement: Virtual location serving as a temporary counterpart for procurement operations when the source (vendor or production) is not known yet. This location should be empty when the procurement scheduler has finished running
  • Production: Virtual counterpart location for production operations: this location consumes the raw material and produces finished products
  • Transit Location: Counterpart location that should be used in inter-companies or inter-warehouse operations

The differences between location types are clear enough, choose the correct location type when you create a new location in Warehouse.

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