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Quality control in Warehouse

Checking the quality of the products at the reception is a standard practice in Warehouse management. Manufacturing plants check the quality of the material when it is assigned from the Warehouse for the consumption, so the quality check is not only limited to the incoming shipment at the reception, but it is important internally too.

Quality control is not only limited to checking the quality of manufactured products; it should find the defects in raw material and initiate the return process and scrap it if not in warranty period. It should also identify the root cause of the problem and resolve the issue that initiated the quality issue. The solution may be to change the supplier or change the product specification.

Quality application in Odoo is an independent yet integrated application within Warehouse and manufacturing. It can be used with manufacturing or just integrated with Warehouse to check the quality of the incoming shipment or to check the quality of the internal transfers. Quality alerts can be generated for the issues that are found frequently. The goal is to identify the root cause and solve the quality issue permanently.

Let's see how to activate the feature and set up the quality check at different operations in Warehouse.

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